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Location: 40-km From Mumbai, Maharashtra State
Other Attractions: Portuguese Church, Fishing Village

40-km from Mumbai there are three tiny beaches lying on the north of the city, which are considered as 3 gems that have become popular havens for Mumbai's beleaguered fun lovers.

Splendours In Isolation - Marve

Marve is a close village near Mumbai, which is also called as Borivali. Despite industrialisation one can find that the beauty of Marve is untouched. It is a best place where you get a taste of colonial splendor and lifestyle its villas and the fishing village. The hill ranges that frame the beaches enhance the sunsets and sunrises that one can see from here.


A little further away from Marve are the two beautiful beaches called Gorai and Manori, which are more crowded with travelers and are famous for all night beach parties. People come to visit Manori especially on the moonlit night. Village folk make money by serving food and letting their house on rents to the tourists.


Gorai is another beach, which gives a feeling of countryside for people who visit it. Its sparkling waters are safe throughout the year. It is advised to avoid the waters, in the monsoon months. Treacherous under currents can make the otherwise tranquil beaches dangerous.


It is very easy to reach Marve, which is just 40-km by car from Mumbai . One can alight at Malad railway station (a suburban station on the Western Railway line) and proceed by road. A 15-minute ferry ride from Marve or Borivali will take one to Manori or Gorai. Marve can also be approached by boat.


One can stay at the hotels at Mumbai, where options vary from luxurious to budget accommodations. Some private hotels and shacks are also available on the beachfronts.

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