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Location: Near Kolhapur, Maharashtra
Other Attractions: Vijayadurg And Sindhudurg Forts And Temples Of Bhavani, Mahadeo, Jarimai, Mahapurush And Shivaji

Vijayadurg and Sindhudurg were naval-bases during the reign Great Chattrapati Shivaji. Both these places gained importance because of their picturesque beaches. Other attractions are the Vijayadurg fort built by Shivaji in the 17th century. Sindhudurg Fort in Maharashtra

The Sindhudurg or Ocean fort spans over 48 acres, within its premises are temples dedicated to Bhavani, Mahadeo, Jarimai, Mahapurush and Shivaji, the last being the only shrine of its kind in India.


Rail: The nearest railway station is Kolhapur.

Road: Sindhudurg by road is 510-km, and Vijaydurg is 425-km from Mumbai via the Goa highway.

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