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Location: Maharashtra
Landscape: Rich And Varied With Gently Sloping Fertile Riverine Plains
Famous Tourist Spot: Lonar Crater

Buldhana district is bounded in the north by the Nirmur district of Madhya Pradesh , in the east by Akola district, in south by Parbhani district and in the west by Aurangabad and Jalgaon district. The district lies partly in the Tapi basin and partly in the Godavari basin. The landscape in the district is rich and varied with gently sloping fertile riverine plains studded with agriculturally prosperous villages.


The district of Buldhana has few pilgrimage places like Balaji temple at Deulgaon and Raja Sailana Shah Miya Dargha at Pimpalgaon, Sari village. Lakhuji Jadhav's palace is important place in Shinkhed. Other places of interest such as Sarkarwada, Rameshwar Mandir, Nilakanteshwar Mandir, Samadhi of Jadhav's family, Renuka Temple, Bal Samudra and Lonar Lake, Palasi Siddha Math are also famous places in the district.


Fruit Market in Buldhana - Maharashtra Lonar Crater
Lonar crater is a bowl shaped depression formed 50,000 years ago by the impact of a huge meteor that descended on earth from space and carved out a bowl roughly 7-km in circumstance and 1.8-km in diameter. The size and the age make it the largest and oldest meteoric crater in the world, ante-dating its nearest rival, the Canyon-Diabolo of Arizona in the United States by a clear 230 centuries.

Shegaon is a famous town for housing the Samadhi of Shri Gajanan Maharaj. A large number of the pilgrims from all over Maharashtra visit this Samadhi.


Rail: The nearest airport is at Aurangabad .

Road: Buldhana is well connected by road and regular buses ply from the various cities and neighbouring towns of the state.


Buldhana is not very well equipped with hotels but one can find few hotels for a comfortable stay at reasonable prices.


Mahasiddha Baba fair at Dhanora, Sharif Sailani Shah Miya Urs at Pimpalgaon Sarai and Shri Balaji fair at Deulgaon Raja are important fairs in Buldhana.


Population: 1886299
Area: 9661-sq-kms
Latitude: 19 ° 51¢ to 21° 17¢N
Longitude: 75° 57¢ to 76° 59¢E
Climate: Tropical
Clothing: Cotton Clothes
STD code: 07262

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