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Location: 8-km South Of Nashik, Maharashtra
Consists Of: 24 Caves
Dating Back To: 1st And 2nd Century

Pandavleni caves are a group of 24 Hinayana Buddhist Caves, dating from around the 1st century BC to the 2nd AD. Situated about 8-km south of Nasik on a tableland atop the Trivashmi Hill, close to the Mumbai Road these caves are 2000-year-old, built by the Jain Kings.

Cave 3 is a large Vihara with some interesting sculptures. Cave 10 is also a Vihara and almost identical in design to cave 3, although it is much older and finer in its detail. It is thought to be nearly as old as the Karla Cave near Lonavala. Cave 18 is a chaitya believed to date from the same time as the Karla Cave, it is well sculptured, and its elaborate facade is particularly noteworthy.

The cave houses the idols of Buddha, Jain Teerthankara Vrishabhdeo, and the icons of Bodhisatva, Veer Manibhadraji and Ambikadevi. The interiors of the caves were popular meeting places for the disciples, where sermons were concerned. There are attractive water tanks that are very skilfully chiselled into the rock.


Nashik being an important city and pilgrim centre of Maharashtra is well connected by road and rail with all the major places within and outside the state.

Rail: Nashik has got a railway station.

Road: State Transport ply buses regularly connecting Nashik with major cities of Maharashtra like Nagpur, Mumbai , Pune , Aurangabad , etc.


Accommodation is available at the hotels at Nashik.

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