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Capital of Maharashtra : Mumbai
Travel Attractions : Gateway Of India , Ajanta And Ellora Caves , Marine Drive.
Languages Spoken : Marathi
Best Time To Visit : September To April (Coastal Regions) And September To Mid-June (Hill Stations)

Holidays and religious festivals are great occasions of social entertainment in Maharashtra. Different folk dances are performed during festive occasions that represent their culture and merry-making. Tamasha is one of the famous folk dances of the state. Dindi and Kala are the religious folk dances, which are expressions of religious ecstasy. Dhangari Gaja is performed by Dhangars (shepherds) of Sholapur district to please their God for His blessings. Lavani is a traditional song- dance presentation typically performed to the captivating rhythm of Dholak by attractive women wearing nine-yard saris. The women move lustily to an infectious tune and teasing lyrics. Koli Dance is performed by the fisher folk of Maharashtra incorporating elements they are most familiar with - the sea and their occupation of fishing. Povadas are Marathi ballads that describe the events in the life of the great Maharashtrian leader, Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.


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