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Location: 56-km From Aurangabad, Maharashtra
Historical significance: Capital City Of Satavahanas
Formerly Known As: Pratisthan

Paithan caves are situated 56-km south of Aurangabad on the banks of the river Godavari. The modern village of Paithan is built on top of a large settlement mound that extends back to early history and perhaps prehistory. It was previously known as "Pratisthan" and was the ancient capital city of the Satvahanas from 2nd Century B.C.

Paithan caves are located deep in the Daroq Mountains, they are not visited frequently because of its tradition of death. Today, it is also an important excavation site. Centuries ago, the famous Marathi poet - Saint Eknath lived here.

On the banks of the river at the southwest corner of the village is an unoccupied archaeological reserve where excavations have been conducted in recent years. Excavations are being still undertaken to collect the archaeo-botanical evidence. Sediment samples for flotation and archaeo-botanical analysis were collected from selected trenches and layers.

Analysis of this material is still underway. It is also famous for its beautiful Paithani saris that are prized by all Indian women. The town is also famous for the Dnyaneshwar Udyan, which is the largest garden in Maharashtra, and a museum, which treasures a fascinating collection of art.


Road: Paithan is easily accessible from Aurangabad. There is an airport and a railway station at Aurangabad. Tourists can take either taxi or the buses run by state transport, which leave at regular intervals for Paithan from Aurangabad.


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