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Location : In Satara, Maharashtra
Main Attractions: Hiking, Trekking And Mountaineering
Nearby Attractions: Nandgiri and Chandan - Vandan Forts On The East And Jarandeshwar And Yawateshwar Hills On The West.

The Ajinkyatara Fort is in the heart of Satara city. It is located on the huge Ajinkyatara mountain and is 3,300 feet high and so tourists can have a wonderful view of the city from here. The walls of the fort are 4m high. Many water tanks are there on the fort and there is no scarcity of water. The beauty of Ajinkyatara can be observed from the hill of Yawateshwar.

Ajinkyatara was won by Shahu Maharaj in 1708 and was with the Marathas till 1818. The Ajinkyatara fort is a major fort in Maharashtra and was historically very vital as one could keep watch on entire South Maharashtra.

For tourists interested in hiking, trekking, mountaineering, this is the best place; especially trekking at Ajinkyatara is one of the most beautiful experiences to go back with. Best time to start from the base of Ajinkyatara is around 3.30 pm. Once you reach the top of Ajinkyatara fort, the scenic beauty doesn't let you leave the fort.


One can visit the temples of Devi Mangalai, Lord Shankar and Lord Hanuman on the north - east side of the fort. The other hills that can be seen from the fort are Nandgiri and Chandan - Vandan forts on east and Jarandeshwar and Yawateshwar hills on the west.


Satara is well connected by rail and road with Pune , Sangli, Miraj and Kolhapur. There are regular buses from Swargate ST Stand. A good tar road is built from the city to main door of Ajinkyatara.


Accommodation is available at the hotels in Satara.

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