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Location : In Chakan Near Pune, Maharashtra
Significance: The Last Maratha-British War Took Place In This Fort
Present Form: In Ruins
Nearby Attractions: Temple Of Lord Vishu In Varah Avatar

Chakan is a part of industrial zone near Pune and is famous for its oil industry. The fort here is a famous one. The last Maratha - British war took place in this fort. The fort is built on the ground, which is a rare kind of fort seen in Maharashtra. Now the fort is in ruins.


Temple Of Lord Vishnu In Varah Avatar
One more place that can be visited in Chakan is the temple where "Varah Avatar" of Lord Vishnu is depicted in stone carvings. "Varah" means pig and is the third avatar (incarnation) of Lord Vishnu. Varah Avatar can be seen very rarely in India. These remains of the carvings are found in an ancient temple of Shri Chakreshwar, which is inside the fort. These carvings are really worth seeing.


Pune is well connected by air, rail and road to the important places within the state and also within the country. To reach Chakan fort there are regular buses from Shivajinagar and Pune Station ST Stand.


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