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Location : Malavali, 52-km From Pune, Maharashtra
Built In: 18th Century
Nearby Attractions: Vinchu Kata, Pawana Dam, Tung And Tikona fort

Sinhagad Fort

Lohagad and Visapur Forts are located near Malavali, 52-km away from Pune. Atop an impressive hill, these majestic forts were built in the 18th century. They are separated by a 1-km ridge and are ideal for trekking and can be toured in a day from Pune .

Lohagad is a very wide spread fort and is 3,400 feet high. There are 4 doors to Lohagad from the nearby village - Lohgadwadi i.e. the Ganesh Darwaja, the Narayan Darwaja, the Hanuman Darwaja and the Maha Darwaja. Some sculptures can also be seen on Maha Darwaja.

Visapur fort is 3,500 feet high and situated between Lohagad and Bedse Caves. A huge cannon, almost 10 feet long on Visapur is very vital as it has an impression of royal crown.


The famous spot of Lohagad is Vinchu Kata - a range of hills that looks like Capricorn. Amazing view of Pawana Dam is also visible from the backside of Lohagad. The wealth from Surat was brought here under the leadership of Netaji Palkar and kept here for some period.

From the Visapur fort, the Sinhagad fort as well as the Tung and Tikona fort can also be clearly seen. These two forts are historically very crucial and must be visited by trek lovers and history lovers.


Pune is the nearest airport and railway station. Regular buses and locals are available from Shivajinagar and Pune Station to Kamshet and Malavali.


Accommodation is available at the hotels in Pune.

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