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Location : 3-km From Junnar, Maharashtra
Significance: Chhatrapathi Shivaji Was Born In This Fort
Nearby Attractions: Kaman Take, Kadelot Tok, Koli Chouthara, Dongarmatha

The Shivner Fort is located at a distance of around 3-km from Junnar (125-km from Pune ). The prominent historical figure of the state of Maharashtra, Chatrapathi Shivaji was born in this hill fort in 1627.

The Fort

The fort is a huge one with good height. Because of its uniqueness and difficulty to reach, Shahaji, father of Shivaji kept his wife Jijabai in this fort during her pregnancy. The fort is tough to climb from the hills. But the normal road is comparatively simple through a bit time consuming. This road has 7 doors till one reaches the actual fort. The temple of 'Devi Shivai' is in between and is a very old and beautiful one. Shivaji was named after the name of this goddess.


Of course, Shivneri is famous as the birthplace of the greatest Maratha. But the fort and the surroundings are equally worth the visit. The other places to visit in Shivneri are Kaman Take, Kadelot Tok, Koli Chouthara and Dongarmatha (the top of the fort). One can see various landmarks like Khodad, Arvi and Kukadi dam nearby, in the same trip.


Road: To reach Shivneri, one can take buses, which leave from Shivajinagar and Pune station on a regular basis for Junnar.


Accommodation is available at the hotels in Junnar or Pune .

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