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Location : 25-km From Pune, Maharashtra
Formerly Known As: Kondhana, " Fortress of the Lion"
Ideal For: Daylong Picnic And Sight Seeing
Main Attraction: Climbing The Fort By Foot

Sinhagad fort stands 25-km from Pune and is one of the important Maratha forts having a colourful history linked with it. The fort was formerly known as Kondhana, its literal translation is the "Fortress of the Lion". The fort is the most impregnable fort in western India. It has changed hands many times from Mohammed Tughluq in 1340 AD to the British in 1918 AD.

It is an ideal place for a daylong picnic and sightseeing. The main attraction is climbing the fort on foot.

History Of The Fort

Ever since 1328 AD, when a Koli tribal chieftain Nag Naik stubbornly staved off a 9-month siege by Muhammad-bin-Tughluq, Sinhagad has witnessed the passage of warring dynasties.

Sinhagad Fort in MaharashtraIn 1670 Shivaji's general, Tanaji Malusre, led a force of men who scaled the steep hillside in the dark and defeated the unprepared forces of Bijapur. Legends about this dramatic incident relate that the Maratha forces used trained lizards to carry ropes up the hillside.

It was here that Shivaji's general; Tanaji Malusare launched an attack to recapture the fort. In the ensuing battle, Tanaji valiantly laid down his life, but captured the fort. A grieving Shivaji is known to have said, "Gad ala pan sinh gela" (The fort is won but the lion has gone). And this is how the fort got its name, 'Sinh' (lion's) 'Gad' (fort).

Lokmanya Tilak, the freedom fighter had a bungalow atop here and Gandhiji is said to have asked for water from Sinhagad, whenever he was imprisoned at Pune, a few kilometres away.


There are monuments at the spot where Tanaji died, and also at the place where he lost his left hand before his death. Though the fort is largely ruined, there are a number of old bungalows up here, including one where Gandhiji met the freedom fighter, Tilak, in 1915.


Air: Pune is the nearest airport from the fort side

Rail: The nearest railway station is also situated at Pune.

Road: The Pune city bus leaves for Sinhagad village very frequently.

The fort can be scaled from its many approaches. One can trek from Donaje upto the top. Donaje can be reached conveniently by bus from Pune, 25-km away. Another shorter and less steep climb is from Kalyan village past the Kalyan Darwaza.


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