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Location : Near Pali, Maharashtra
Houses: Temple Of Lord Shiva, Temple Of Devi Bhoraj And Ambar khana
Main Attractions: Echo point, Takmak Tok, Small Pond

Sudhagadh Fort is located near Pali- a famous pilgrimage centre in Maharashtra. It is one of the rarely visited forts in Konkan region. The fort is one among those forts, which are still in good condition. It can be covered while on a trip to Pali and Mahad in Ashtavinayak.

The fort is 2,000 feet high. The outside wall of the fort is a strong one and still in good shape. The King of Bhor handled the management of this fort.


The way to Sudhagad is from the village Bairampada, 13-km west to Pali. There are 3 doors to the fort and one of them is known as the "Maha Darwaja". This is very huge door but still in good state. The fort also consists of the temple of Lord Shiva and an "Ambar Khana" (where the elephants were kept). The main temple of the fort is of "Devi Bhorai". The other spots on the fort are a small pond, Echo Point and Takmak Tok.


Road: Pali is located at a distance of 80-km from Pune and there are regular buses from Shivajinagar to Pali.


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