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Location : Konkan
Also Called: Victory Fort
Earlier Named As: Girye Or Gheriya
Finest Features: The Triple Line Of Walls, The Numerous Towers And The Massive Interior Buildings

Besides hill and land forts some very prominent sea forts were built in the Maratha period. Vijaydurga or Victory Fort is one of the great forts of the Konkan. Vijaydurg Fort was strengthened around the 17th century by Shivaji, to whom it owes its finest features - the triple line of walls, the numerous towers and the massive interior buildings.

The Fort

Vijaydurg Fort in MahrashtraThe earlier name of this fort was Girye or Gheriya because it is surrounded by sea from three sides. The fort has an area of six hectares; there are twenty-seven Buruj inside the fort. Some of them have three floors. "Kothi Pirachi Sadar", "Kitta Sadar", Jails, 'Jakhinis' Canon, huge stones used for construction purpose, the platform built in the deep sea for guarding, etc all these things must be seen and are still puzzling to a viewer.

The underwater explorations on the western side of the fort, about 100m seaward revealed a stone structure at a water depth of 8 to 10m. It measures 122m in length, 7m in width and 3m in height. Besides it a tidal dockyard was also located around 3-km from Vijaydurg fort on the left bank of Vaghotan River.

The dockyard is 110m long and width is 75m. It was hollowed out of a rock. The southern and eastern side is cut out of a natural rock and rest is dry masonry. In addition to this a number of grapnel and triangular stone anchors were noticed in the adjoining area of dockyard.

History Of The Fort

It existed as a dilapidated fortification of the Shilahar period before it was taken over by the Bijapur kings, and then by Shivaji who made it a major naval base. When Shivaji failed to capture Murud-Janjira, he decided to create a similar stronghold and built Vijaydurg Fort, on a rocky projection south of Ratnagiri.

He had a triple line of walls built, as well as numerous towers. In 1698 AD, the Maratha naval commander Angre, who was the terror of all traders, made it his capital. This fort has a hollowed-out entrance to take vessels of 500 tons.


Rail: Rajapur and Kudal are the nearest railway stations on Konkan railway.

Road: By road Vijaydurg is 425-km from Mumbai via the Goa Highway.


Accommodation is available at the MTDC Resorts at Ganapatipule and Tarkali.

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