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Location: Lonavala, Maharashtra
Named After: An English Officer Mr. Rye
Houses: Old Mahadeo temple
Famous As: Picnic Spot

Ryewood Park is located in the heart of Lonavala city, just half a kilometre from Lonavala railway station. The park covers an area of about 25 acres, full of natural vegetation, grooves of evergreen deciduous trees, creepers and climbers. There is an old Mahadeo temple in this park.

This garden is a very good outdoor picnic spot for Mumbai -Pune public and has plenty of place for children to play. The park is open for public throughout the day.

History Behind The Name

There is history behind the name Ryewood. An English officer Mr. Rye stayed in this place for quite some time. Hence, these woods are named after him. The name may also have come from the Marathi words "Rai" which means thick forest. Earlier the park was under the care of the Civil Department, but in 1959 it was transferred to the State Government's Forest Department.


Rail: Pune, 66-kms away from the park is the nearest airport. All trains from Mumbai to Pune and the south stop at Lonavala.

Road: Mumbai is 104-km away by road and buses ply regularly from both Mumbai and Pune to reach the park.


Accommodation is available at the hotels in Lonavala.

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