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Location : Vajreshwari, Maharashtra
Main Attractions: Temple Of Goddess Vajreshwari And The Ashrams Of Swami Muktananda And Swami Nityanand

Vajreshwari is known for its hot springs, the temple of Goddess Vajreshwari and the ashrams of Swami Muktananda and Swami Nityanand. It is a famous health resort and also a spiritual centre. It is mentioned in ancient Puran (holy book) as a place blessed by the footsteps of Lord Rama and Lord Parshuram.

The hot springs stretching about 7-km in the bed of the river Tansa are mainly situated at Akoli, Vajreshwari, Ganeshpuri and Satvalli. The temperature of the water in the springs ranges from 43°C. to 49°C.

At the hot springs in Vajreshwari one can enjoy a hot spring bath in an exclusive and closed bath called `Kothawalla Bath'. The hot water springs are a must bathe for Vajreshwari Devi devotees. The springs have high sulphur content and are believed to cure many skin ailments.


Air: Nearest airport is Mumbai , 60-km away from Vrajeshwari.

Rail: The nearest railway stations are Thane, which is situated at a distance of 34-km on the central railway and Vasai Road at a distance of 29-km on the western railway.

Road: State transport buses ply from Thane and Bassein (also known as Vasai) to Vajreshwari. As these hot springs are famous weekend gateways, special buses are available for tourists from Mumbai to Vajreshwari on Sundays and holidays.


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