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Location : 60-km From Kolhapur, Maharashtra
Volume: 2 780 × 106 m3
Dam Height: 103m
Lake Levels: 30 To 35m

The Koyna region includes parts of Mahabaleshwar, the Koyna Lake and around Satara. This region has excellent forest cover and the range from Mahabaleshwar to Jungli on the western edge of the Koyna Lake is a less frequented area. There are many passes and a lot of unknown trails, which can challenge even a seasoned trekker. The ferries on the Koyna Lake are an enjoyable way of approaching the forts on its western edge.

The famous wildlife sanctuary in this area, The Koyna wildlife sanctuary includes the eastern and western catchments of the Koyna dam-reservoir, which is a major hydroelectric project centre in western Maharashtra.

The Koyna-dam-reservoir is stimulating the highest rate and level of seismicity worldwide since its first impoundment in 1962. The strongest event, a 6.3 earthquake occurred in 1967 claiming about 200 lives. More than 150 earthquakes of magnitude 4.0 have been recorded over the years till now, mostly restricted to an area 40 × 25 km2 south of the Koyna-dam. This marks the area as probably the best in the world to study the phenomenon of Reservoir Induced/Triggered Seismicity (RIS).

The height of the Koyna-dam is 103 m, reservoir volume is 2 780 × 106 m3; seasonal fluctuations of the lake level are typically 30 to 35 m and are dominated by monsoon rainfalls.


Kolhapur is the nearest city from the reservoir site, which is well connected by air, rail and road with the important places within and beyond the state.


Accommodation is available at the hotels in Kolhapur.

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