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Thane Is Known As: The City Of Lakes
Number Of Lakes In The City: Around 23 Lakes
Famous Lakes: Talao Pali Lake, Upvan Lake

Thane is known as the "City of Lakes". There are around 23 lakes in the city among which the Talao Pali Lake and the Upvan Lake are the must to see places. Endowed with its beautiful lakes and abundant greenery, the city witnessed a spurt in property development, bringing in hordes of people into the city.

Talao Pali Lake

The most important and beautiful lake of them all is the Masunda Talao, termed by the commoners as Talao Pali. This lake is frequented by people of all ages and is the right place to binge. It also offers an array of roadside eating options, from Bhel to ice cream, it's all laid out there or one can enjoy a quick snack at the nearby restaurants. The lake offers boating facilities and water scooters are also available here.

Upvan Lake

Upvan Lake is popular with young couples. One could either sit inside the park on one of the benches, or on the 'Katta' (short concrete walls) around the lake. This pollution free zone is a great getaway from the daily traffic hassles and hazardous life.

Of the other beauties of Thane, there are lakes like the Kacharali Talao, Makhamali Talao, Siddheshwar Talao, Bramhala Talao, Ghosale Talao, Railadevi Talao, Upawan Talao, Kausa Talao Kolbad Talao, Hariyali Talao, Rewale Talao, Kasar Vadawali Talao, Kidkaleshwar Talao, Nar Talao, to name a few.


Thane is located at a distance of 35-km from the main down town Mumbai . To reach Thane from Mumbai, local trains, city buses and taxis are available.


Accommodation is available at the hotels in Mumbai and Thane.

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