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Location: Around Pune, Maharashtra
Favourite Haunt: For Birds
Developed As: Bird Sanctuary

Around 12-km off the road to the National Defence Academy in Pune , the Pashan lake is a favourite haunt for migratory birds during the winter. The lake is being developed as a bird sanctuary. It is an Ornithologists delight.

The role of the Pashan lake is not confined to being just a glamorous one, to make your evenings pleasant. It was a supplier of drinking water to the Governor's house (now the Raj Bhavan) during the forties, and until recently was a water source for citizens residing in Pashan and Sutarwadi area.

Out of the 110 acres expanse that the Pashan lake glistens on, a little over 60 acres has been devoted to a massive tree plantation programme by the Pune Municipal Corporation. The cool shelter, which was missing here, is awaited with much anticipation.

While the water body continues to attract birds, both resident and migratory, the lake is today little more than stagnant water, which concerned environmentalists say, is disturbing the habitat of these very birds. The depth of the lake, which was at one time, at least 50 feet has today become about 20 feet due to the silt collected in it.


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