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Location : Daulatabad, Near Aurangabad, Maharashtra
Built In: 1435
Built By: Ala-ud-din Bahmani
Height: 30-metre

A Magnificent Example OF Islamic Architecture

The Chand Minar, a minaret of Turkish style, is an outstanding example of Islamic art. It is one among the notable structures at Daulatabad, and was built in 1435 by Ala-ud-din Bahmani to celebrate his capture of the fort. The tapering 30-metre high tower of the Chand Minar is divided into four storeys, and was faced with glazed tiles and carved motifs. It has at its base 24 chambers and a small mosque. Its original covering of Persian blue tiles makes it even more striking.

The path passes bastions, studded gates, a drawbridge and the Chini Mahal where Abdul Hasan Tana Shah, the last King of Golconda, was imprisoned in 1687 for 13 years. The 6.6m long 'Kila Shikan' (Fort Breaker) iron cannon is on the bastion nearby. At the end of the tunnel inside the citadel is a flight of steps leading up to the 'Baradari' (pavilion), said to be the palace of the Yadavi Queen and later Shah Jahan. The citadel is reached by climbing 100 further steps and passing through two more gateways. At the top is another cannon with a ram's head on the butt; the Persian inscription around the muzzle reads "Creator of storms".

A 'sound and Light' show is also arranged over here for the entertainment of the tourists hwo visit this place are curious to know more about its historical significance.


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