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Location: Aurangabad
Built In The Year: 1334

Dargah of Sayeed Burhan-ud-din, a Chisti missionary buried here in 1334. It is believed that the shrine contains hairs from the Prophet's beard, which magically increase in number when they are counted each year. By the end of the 14th century there was a cash crisis had left, which left the saint's disciples unable to provide for either themselves or the upkeep of the beloved Dargah, a pair of silver trees" "miraculously sprouted in its central courtyard. The only precious metal found in the tomb is the panels set into the doors of the shrine. An attendant will show two innocuous-looking lumps in the pavement nearby where the fabled trees once stood, and which are still said to secrete the odd drop of silver.


Air: Aurangabad is a major city of Maharashtra and has an airport of its own.

Road: It is also well connected by rail with all the major cities within and outside the state.

Road: MTDC ply buses regularly from Mumbai, Nashik, Nagpur, Pune, etc. Tourists can get down in Aurangabad and take either taxi or auto rickshaw and reach this monument, which is frequently visited not only by Indians but also people from other countries.


Accommodation facilities are available at the various hotels at Aurangabad.

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