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Capital of Maharashtra : Mumbai
Travel Attractions : Gateway Of India , Ajanta And Ellora Caves , Marine Drive.
Languages Spoken : Marathi
Best Time To Visit : September To April (Coastal Regions) And September To Mid-June (Hill Stations)

Music in Maharashtra like Marathi literature has an ancient tradition. The popularisation of classical music in Maharashtra began through Gwalior. The Maharashtrian-Brahmin singers of Gwalior were greatly benefited by the current Gwalior school of music. Many of the pupils of Hassu and Haddu were Maharashtrian Brahmins among whom were eminent singers like Babasabib. In recent times, Pandit Paluskar and Pandit Bhatkhande gave a new orientation to Indian classical music. Miraj, a town in Sangli district, is known as the Town of Music. The world famous Indian musical instrument the 'Sitar' is made here and their quality is world class. The craftsmen who make them have got their art from their ancestors, and their skill is well known. Sitars made here are even exported to places around the world. Though home to the famous Bollywood, still folk forms like Lavani, Nautanki and Tamasha music are famous here. Every festive occasion is accompanied by song, music and dance that add joy and excitement to the lives of the people from every walk of life.


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