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Location: 30-km To The South Of Pune, Maharashtra
Houses: Temple Of Lord Shiva
Known As: Monkey's Den.

Baneshwar is situated 30-km down south of the Swargate area in Pune . It's an ideal spot for a one-day trip. It is developing as a picnic spot. The famous temple of Lord Shiva has been built amidst a green forest. Since the temple is situated in 'Ban' - Jungle or dark woods - hence the name 'Baneshwar'. The temple is simple and lovely. The light stand, water tanks, and the big bell are worth a visit. The gentle swaying of the huge 'Gulmohar' trees as one approach the temple enhances the feeling of tranquility. There are idols of Devi Laxmi, Lord Vishnu and Lord Mahadev in the temple. There are five Shivlingas here in trench, which can be easily seen with the help of light.

Behind the temple there is a garden and a small stream, which adds to the beauty of the nature. Many people enjoy playing and swimming over here. Visitors will be surprised to find hordes of monkeys inhabiting the place. No wonder Baneshwar is also known as the monkeys' den. Truly, Baneshwar is a place where one can enjoy with family and friends.


Pune is the nearest city at 30-km and is well connected by Air, Rail and Road.


Accommodation is available at the hotels in Pune.

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