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Location:Nashik, Maharashtra
Altitude: 1,295m
Significance: Source Of The Holy Godavari River
Famous As: Picnic Spot

Brahmagiri located in Nashik is situated at about 1,295m above sea level. The mountain is 550m high. Brahmagiri is the source of the Holy Godavari River. Godavari flows in three directions on the mountain. The stream flowing towards east is called Godavari, towards the south is called "Vaitarna" and the stream flowing towards the west is called the west-flowing Ganga and meets Godavari near "Chakra Tirth" (also spelt as Teertha or Teerth). River Ahilya meets Godavari in front of the Trimbakeshwar temple.

The Legend

The legend follows that - Sage Guatama used to feed few Rishis in his Ashram from the paddy field. One day he saw a cow grazing his field and killed it with a 'Dharbha'. He then requested the Rishis to show a way out of this sin. They advised him to approach Lord Shiva and request him to release Ganges, as a bath in the Ganges would set him free of his sin. Sage Gautama then practiced penance by going to the peak of Brahmagiri.

Lord Shiva was pleased by his worships and gave him the Ganges. However, Ganges was not prepared to part with Lord Shiva, which irritated him. He made Tandav Nrutya (dance) on the peak of Brahmagiri and dashed his 'Jata' there. Frightened by this action, Ganges appeared on Brahmagiri. Later on Ganges appeared in the Trimbak Tirtha (also spelt as Tirth). Sage Gautama praised her but she appeared on the mountain at various places and disappeared in anger. Sage Gautama could not bathe in her waters. Ganges then appeared in Gangadwar, Varaha-Tirtha, Rama-Laxman Tirtha, Ganga-Sagar Tirtha. Still Sage Gautama could not bathe in her waters. Then, he surrounded the river with enchanted grass and put a vow to her. The flow stopped there and the Tirtha thus came to be called 'Kushavarta'. It is from this Kushavarta that the river Godavari flows up to the sea. The sin of killing a cow by Gautama was wiped off here.

Brahmagiri is also considered as a huge form of Lord Shiva and hence climbing the mountain was considered as a sin. However in 1908 Seth Lalchand Jashodanand Bhambhani of Karachi and Seth Ganeshdas built 500 steps of stone. This has facilitated easy access to Brahmagiri. There is a Jata Temple also located over here. The five peaks of Brahmagiri called "Sadyo-Jata", "Vamdev", "Aghora", "Ishana" and "Tat-Purusha" are considered as five mouths of the Lord Shiva. At the foot of the mountain is a huge 'Audumber' tree.

Other Atttractions

Other places of interest are Kolambika Devi temple, a cave housing 108 Shivlingas, it is believed that Gautam has practiced penance in this cave. A little further on is Gorakh Gumpha, and Ganga Sagar a big tank; Shrimant Rajebahadar built it about the year 1678. The Ganga Sagar water is distributed in the village nearby.


Tourists can access this place easily from Nashik. Nashik is well connected by Road, Rail, and Air.


Accommodation is available at the hotels in Nashik or Nasik.

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