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Location:Near Pune, Maharashtra
Significance: National Defense Academy (NDA) Is Located In Khadakwasla
Special Attraction: Water Sports At Panshet
Famous As: Picnic Spots

Khadakwasla and Panshet are the two major dams providing water to the entire Pune city . Khadakwasla dam was constructed in pre-independence period in 1867. The dam is a major one and Puniites enjoy their holidays here. It is half and hour from Pune and two and half-hour from Mumbai The amazing view of Sinhagad and Peacock Bay is again a major attraction of Khadakwasla.

Khadakwasla is a popular picnic spot all year round, but the rainy season is the best to visit when it seems as if gods waved their magic wand to create magnificent scenery. Khadakwasla Lake has extremely oxygen rich air besides a fabulous view. People generally visit this place for rejuvenating the whole body. Windsurfing on the crystal clear water of the lake is a unique experience equipment is available at the lake.

Village Khadakwasla is just 12-kms away from Pune to the way to Sinhagad. It has a military importance, as National Defense Academy (NDA) here is very famous in Indian Military History. While one can have a spectacle of the dam from quite a few places around the Khadakwasla lake, one will not get the kind of effect that hits one while standing on the bridge that runs parallel to part of the dam.

Watersports At Panshet

Panshet is one of the popular places near Pune for picnic lovers. Panshet dam was built in late 50's. It became famous in 1961 when the dam collapsed and the entire water grabbed Pune city. Now a days, Panshet is popular because of the Water sports opportunities that are available over here. One can have a nice road to Panshet surrounded by dark green woods. Panshet and Varasgaon dams now a days are Popular because of water sports here that includes Speed Boats and Water Scooters etc.


Road: Regular transport will be available from Pune, which is just 12-km away from Khadakwasla.


Accommodation is available at the hotels in Pune .

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