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Location: In Sindhudurg District
Known for: Saltpans, Chinese Clay Pottery And The Special Malvani Cuisine
Interesting Spectacle: Auction Of The Day's Catch
Main Attractions: Malvan Beach, Sindhudurg Fort, Dhamapur Lake, Malvan Marine Sanctuary

In Sindhudurg district, Malvan is a very important Taluka. Malvan is almost hidden by palms and has got very nice seashore. The rocky terrain of Malvan holds two forts - Sindhudurg and Padmagad. It is said that there was an underground route joining them.

Sindhudurg, the ocean fort was built by Shivaji in 1664 AD and this fort stands firmly as a silent sentinel to the lingering memories associated with the maritime history of the glorious Maratha Empire. In those days Malvan was used for shipbuilding and repairing works. Then the city developed accordingly. It was a planed city with market area, residence offices etc. Today Malvan is known for its saltpans, Chinese clay pottery and the special Malvani cuisine, which is quite distinct from Konkan food.

An Interesting Spectacle

A most interesting spectacle to witness at Malvan is the auction of the day's catch in the evening when all the trawlers come home. Resembling the trading floor of any stock exchange with various types of fish being sold to the highest bidder, it is an exercise in organised chaos that an outsider will be at an utter loss to understand. Its all over within an hour or so with the catch having exchanged hands, loaded on to trucks, and dispatched to the markets of the larger cities inland.


Malvan Beach
The beach is one long stretch from Malvan and the fort of Sindhudurg, which once was Shivaji's naval headquarters and is visible from almost anywhere along the beach. A short boat ride from the jetty at Malvan takes one to the island on which the fort is situated. There's even a guide available to take one around and inside the fort. Villagers still live here, as there are three fresh-water wells inside, which are completely cut off during the monsoons.

Sindhudurg Fort
Sindhudurg was the ocean fort built by Shivaji in 1664 AD on a low rocky 48-acre island off the Malvan coast. The fort stands firmly as a silent sentinel to the lingering memories associated with the maritime history of the glorious Maratha Empire.

Dhamapur Lake
Situated in the western part of Sindhudurg, the Dhamapur Lake is well known for its clean, crystal clear waters. Spread over 5 acres, the lake area is ideal for excursions and water sports. The Bhagawati temple is nearby. Boating facility is also available.

Malvan Marine Sanctuary
Malvan Marine Sanctuary is the only marine sanctuary located in Malvan Taluka of Sindhudurg district. The sanctuary is spread over an area of 29.22-sq-km and is rich in coral and marine life. The golden sands and casuarinas plantations at the Malvan coast form a scenic view and it's a feast to eyes.


Tarkali is situated 6-km south of Malvan and 546-km from Mumbai on the west coast of India, at the confluence of the Karli River and the Arabian Sea at Devbag. This place has gained prominence because of its long and narrow stretch of beach with pristine waters.

Ramgarh Fort
10-km from Malvan, the Ramgarh fort in situated in Ramgad village of Malvan Taluka. Being close to the road the tourists can easily visit the fort. There are 7 canons still buried in the reverse position in this fort.

Valaval is famous for its greenery and natural beauty. On the full moon day one can witness an amazing site, while the sun is setting in the east direction one will find the moon rising. This beautiful sight is seen in the sky and at the same time one can find its reflection in Walaval River. It seems as if actually watching two moons and two suns. Laxmi Narayan temple is also situated in the vicinity, with six black pillars and sculptures made of black sand. In Valaval tourists can also visit the Rameshwar temple and Devi Mauli temple, which are worth seeing.

Ozarcha Shri Vigneshwara temple at Ozar is one of the Astha (also spelt as Ashtha) Vinayak temples, located at a distance of about 5-km from Malvan. It is a very famous temple, which is visited by large number of devotees.

Devbag is a beautiful village located 8-km away from Malvan city. The village is surrounded by water; only one side is attached with the land, which is the only way to enter the village by walk. But in the rainy season this way is also under water and it looks like an island. Visitors can enjoy eating the local speciality-Rice with fish curry.

Sridev Rameshwar (Achara)
16-km from Malvan is the temple of Sridev Rameshwar, a well known wakeful deity in the entire campus.

Aangnewadi (Shri Bharadee Devi)
> 14-km from Malvan in the village of Masure is the temple of Shri Bharadee Devi. Every year a fair is organised in the month of February, which attracts devotees in large numbers.

Bharatgad And Bhagwatgad
Bharatgad and Bhagwatgad are two forts situated near Masure, 14-km from Malvan. These forts were constructed in 1701 AD. Bus facility is also available from Malvan to Masure.


Air: Nearest airport is Goa, 145-kms away from Malvan.

Rail: The closest railway station is Kudal on the Konkan Railway line.

Road: Regular private and government buses are available from Mumbai (450-km), Pune (400-km), Ratnagiri (200-km), and Panaji (130-km) for Malvan.


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