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Location : 110-km From Pune, Maharashtra
Named After: Ballal Of Pali
Presiding Deity: Ballaleshwar (Ganapati)
Built By: Nana Phadnis In 1770

Palicha Shree Ballaleshwar Vinayak temple is situated 110 kms away from Pune . It is one of the Astha Vinayak temples dedicated to Ganapati. Ganapati is known here as Ballaleshwar. This temple is named after a devotee Ballal of Pali. Nana Phadnis constructed the temple in 1770.


According to the legend during the reign of Krut, a trader called Kalyan Shreshthi lived in the Sindhu land. Ballal was the son of Kalyan and a great devotee of Ganesha. Many of his friends also became devotees of the Lord Ganesha following his example. The parents of these boys accused Kalyan's son of ruining the other children.

Out of anger Kalyan destroyed all the things laid out for a puja for the worship of Ganesha. He tied his son to a tree and beat him up while other children escaped and then he threw his son out of his home. When Ballal regained consciousness, he invoked Ganapati. The God soothed the boy's wounds and Ballal asked Ganapati to stay at the place forever. Ganesha agreed to take the name Ballal Vinayak, honouring the devotion of the young boy.

The Temple

Earlier the deity was placed in a wooden temple. The temple faces east and the rays of the sun fall on the idol from the month of July to December. The wooden temple was so constructed that the rays of the sun fall directly on the deity from the two equinoxes of the temple. It looks like a giant fort that has strong protective walls. The hall and the shrine present a beautiful picture.

The Ganesh idol in the temple is 3 ft. high facing towards east and the trunk points to the left. The image of Ganesha is flanked by his consorts Siddhi and Riddhi. The eyes are studded with diamonds. Just behind the temple, another temple of Ganesh, known as Dhundi Vinayak is situated. There is a big bell installed by the Peshwas in the temple, which is of Portuguese make. Nearby Pali is Sudhagad, which is famous for its hot springs.


Air: Nearest airport is at Mumbai .

Rail: Tourists can access this place either from Panvel or Khopoli railway stations.

Road: Pali is 13-km from Nagothane on Mumbai-Goa highway. It is easily accessible as number of buses ply from Mumbai and Pune connecting Pali.


It does not provide good facilities for staying but tourists can stay at Dharamshlas and Hotels at Mumbai and Pune .

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