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Location : 38-km From Pune, Maharashtra
Presiding Deity: Lord Khandoba
Popularly Known as: Khandobachi Jejuri
The Deity Is Also Known Different Names Like: Mallari, Malhari, Mailar, Martand, Ravalnath, Yelkoti Mahadev

Jejuri is one the popular pilgrim centres of Maharashtra, located 38-km from Pune and 60-km from Sholapur. It houses a temple dedicated to Lord Khandoba. Khandoba, popularly known as Khandobachi Jejuri, is one of the important Gods worshipped by Dhangar, the oldest tribes in Maharashtra. It is believed that Khandoba, is a god of Sakamabhakti i.e. it God who fulfils all the desires of his devotees. Jejuri is popular for its old Deep Mala.

Jejuri has also been a historically important place as Shivaaji met his father Shahaji here after a long period. The meeting is historically very important as both discussed the strategies against Mughals, here. At that period, Jejuri was one of the major hill forts in South region.

The Temple

The temple of Khandoba is situated on a small hill, which can be seen while approaching the road. Visitors have to climb almost 200 steps to reach temple. The wonderful view of Jejuri town makes the journey to the temple marvellous. Although the temple is small, but it still looks beautiful with two divisions, Mandap and Gabhara.

One can see various stone images of elephants on either sides of the main gateway of the temple. A big 'Khanda'- sword, an attribute of the god is seen hung over the portico. In the garbhagriha, there are two swayambhu lings, that of Khandoba and the other representing Mhalsa, his consort, covered with silver masks. One can easily see the view of Saswad and Dive Ghat if weather permits. Visitors can see a number of "Deep Mala" (Light Stands of Stones) while climbing the hill.

The Idols

Just like the temple the idol of Khandoba, placed in the temple is beautiful. The deity is known by different names like Mallari, Malhari, Mailar, Martand, Ravalnath, and Yelkoti Mahadev. The word 'Khand' means a sword and Khandoba is a warrior king. Various weapons like Sword Damaru and Paral are of historic remembrance. The other idols of Mhalsa and Manimalla also look beautiful. One can find many sculptures in and nearby the Jejuri temple.


Around 40,000 believers participate in the Jatra, the annual fair, held during November. Dusshera is also celebrated with great religious fervour. The competition of handling the sword on Dusshera Day is very popular, as one has to lift the sword high for maximum time.


Jejuri being close to Pune , is easily accessible by all means of transport. There is an airport and railway station at Pune. Pune is well connected by road with all the major cities of state and other parts of the country. Tourists can also hire taxis from Pune. Visitors can also take buses from Sholapur.


Few rest houses and lodgings are present in and around Jejuri hill for accommodation purpose.

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