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Location : 50-km From Pune, Maharashtra
Presiding Deity: Mayureshwar Or Moresh (Ganapati)
Built By: Morya Gosavi
Built In: 14th century

Moregaon village is located in the Baramati Taluka of Pune district in Maharashtra. It is at a distance of about 50-km from Pune and this region is also known as the Bhuswananda. It gained prominence as it houses a shrine of Mayureshwar Vinayak, one of the Astha Vinayak shrines. It is considered, as the foremost shrine of Ganesha. It was built in the 14th century by Morya Gosavi.

This village got its name Moresh or Moregaon from the fact that this region once abounded in peacocks. The Mayureshwar or Moreshwar temple is along the Karha river. The name Mayureshwar also arises from the legend that Vinayak rode a peacock mount in a battle against evil demons.


The popular legend behind the emergence of the temple goes like this, a demon, by name Sindhu caused untold hardship to the inhabitants of the Universe. Responding to the pleas of the Gods, Ganapati came down to the earth on a peacock mount, waged a battle against Sindhu and vanquished him. The peacock rider Ganapati assumed the name Mayureshwar or Moresh.

It is believed that the creator Bhrahma installed the original image of Ganesha, made of precious metal. The Pandava princes are said to have installed a copper image, when they visited Moregaon in the course of their pilgrimage.

The Temple

The temple looks like a tiny fort from a distance. On entering the temple, one can see a large stone mouse facing Ganapati. One can see pillars in all the four corners. The temple is facing towards north and the image faces east, it is flanked by brass images of his consorts Siddhi and Riddhi. Ganesha is depicted armed with a spear, while a cobra encircles his head. The deity is three eyed. Interestingly, the peacock mount, the cobra and the spear (Vel) are all considered being attributes of Kartikeya, brother of Ganesha. Many devotees visit the temple.

The original idol is actually much smaller than it seems but continuous anointing of the idol with sindoor has resulted in the idol seeming much larger than it actually is. It is believed that this layer of sindoor peels off on its own every 100 or 150 years, revealing the actual idol. There is a garland of lamps on the designed floor in the courtyard. Diamonds are set in the eyes and navel of the God. Only the head priest is allowed to enter the garbhagriha, the sanctum.


Ganesha Chaturti is celebrated in great splendour and Vijaya Dasami is celebrated commemorating Ganesha's victory against the demons.


It is easily accessible by road from Pune . Tourists can get down at Pune airport and take bus to Moregaon. There are also special buses, which are called Astha Vinayak darshan, which takes tourists to all the eight temples, run by government of Maharashtra and also private operators.


Accommodation is available in the Dharamshalas and rooms let by local people and Hotels at Pune.

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