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Location : Ozar, 100-km From Pune, Maharashtra
Presiding Deity: Vinayak Or Ganesh

Ozarcha Shri Vigneshwara temple is one of the Astha (also spelt as Astha) Vinayak temples, located at Ozar about 100-km from Pune enroute to Nashik. It is a very famous temple, which is visited by large number of devotees.


According to the legend, a demon by name Vignaasura had become a menace for the sages. He created obstacles for all the good deeds performed by the sages and the other inhabitants of the world. The sages pleaded help from Ganesha and the Lord responded to the call and set out to end the demon.

The demon Vignaasura quickly realised his weakness surrendered to Ganesha, and agreed to stop his misdeeds and also requested Ganesha to take up the name Vigneshwar in connection with his surrender. It is also believed that the sages installed an image of Vigneshwara at Ozar on Ganesh Chaturti and offered worship.

The Temple

It is one of the most beautiful temples of the Lord Ganesha. When you enter the temple two guards are seen on two sides of the gate. Inside the temple one can find the idol of Ganesha facing towards east flanked by his consorts Siddhi and Riddhi.

The eyes of the idol are made up of precious gems and its forehead is decorated with diamonds and other jewels. The temple also has interesting features such as a spacious courtyard, a grand entrance, sculptural and mural work. The image of Ganesha is decorated with precious and semi precious stones.


Air: The nearest airport is at Pune (100-km).

Rail: The nearest railway station is Pune (100-km).

Road: Buses run by the Pune Municipal Corporation as well as the MTDC ply from Pune to Ozar. In fact, these buses are called - 'Ashtavinayaka darshan' buses.


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