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Location : Borivali, Mumbai, Maharashtra
No Of Lions: Tigers, Panthers, Sambars, Chitals, Langurs
No Of Lions: 25
No Of Tigers6

Sanjay Gandhi National Park, better known as Borivali National Park is set in hill ranges around the suburb of Borivali, Mumbai . Notified in 1974, it offers a pleasant change from the usual sights and attractions of the big city. It is hence common to see the park teeming with school picnics, college picnics and other organized excursions.

Krishnagiri Upavan, with an area of approximately 5.5-sq-km is reserved, as a recreational zone inside the park, to cater the educational and recreational needs of the people. Amongst the several attractions of the Krishnagiri Upavan, the Lion Safari and the Tiger Safari are the most famous ones.

Lion Safari

One of the main attractions to the National Park is the lion safari, which has been drawing people to the park ever since it was started. The twelve-hectare Lion Safari Park with crisscrossed roads, offer close encounter with the majestic king, from special buses. There are about 25 lions in the respective enclosures.

Tiger Safari

One more attraction of the park is the new "Tiger Safari" established on a 20-hectare area in the recreational zone. The region has a thick forest cover comprising of Teak, Bamboo, Ain, Khair, Kusum and other species of trees, which constitute an ideal habitat for Tigers. The area has been developed keeping in mind the natural habitats and habits of Tigers, with ample tall grasses, lakes, ponds and islands. A 5-meter high and 2,200 meter long protective fencing surrounds this 20-hectare plot of land. The tigers have a special cage/shelter for having their meals and sleeping at night. Two watch towers have been provided for the safety of the tourists.

In all, 6 tigers have been brought together for this project from all over India, out of which there are 2 White Indian Tigers. Tourists can take a special vehicle that drives one through the Tiger's domain and experience the rare thrill of seeing the lord of the jungle in tooth and claw. The safari offers an opportunity to the visitors to see and understand this majestic animal "The Tiger", including the White Tiger.

Buses have been provided for tourists and roads of 2-km length have been constructed. Just near the ticket windows, a Tiger Information Cell provides one with details about the present situation of Tigers with easy reference, so that one can learn everything one wants to know about these fascinating beasts.


Sanctuary Timings: 9.00 am to 5.30 pm
Safari Timings:
Morning session: 9.00 am to 1.00 pm
Evening session 2.20 pm to 5.20 pm

Note: The Lion and Tiger Safari are closed on Mondays. Buses for Safari are available at an interval of 20 minutes.


Air: The nearest airport is Santa Cruz at a distance of 16-km for domestic air travel. This airport is connected to almost all the major Indian cities with regular flights. The nearest international airport is Sahar at a distance of around 20-km from the park.

Rail: Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) at a distance of 40-km is the nearest railway hub connected to almost all the parts of India by regular trains. Borivali Station is the nearest railway station connected to Mumbai CST and Mumbai Central Railway terminuses.

Road: The Park is connected to all parts of Mumbai and other places in Maharashtra with very good road connections. Buses ply on Sunday's and holiday's from Mumbai to the Park. Chartered vehicles are available to the park on all days from Mumbai.


Four rest houses and two camp sheds are available within the park area for the visitors to reside. One can contact the wildlife authorities for bookings.

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