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Location : Pune, Maharashtra
Also Known As: Agiary
Place Of Worship: Zoroastrian People
Built by: Sir Jeejeebhoy In 1844

The Fire temple is situated along the Dastur Meher Road, which was once known as Agiary Street. It is the place of worship of the Zoroastrian inhabitants. Sir Jeejeebhoy built this temple in 1844. The temple has the Atesh Adaran Saheb (the Holy Fire and Sacred Holy Book) enthroned in it.

According to the rites and ceremonies prescribed by the true Mazatayasni religion and assembled by the "Anjooman" or Parsee community, on the 9th November 1844 of the Christian era, the Holy Fire was lit in this place, and the flame has never been extinguished since. In front of the temple is a fountain in a triangular enclosure. This has also been erected by Sir Jamsetjee as a reservoir to provide a never-failing water supply for Pune. The temple is situated amidst Cyprus trees. Even as far back as 1860, these trees were a subject of comment. The trees are always planted around any fire temple as monuments of the greatness of Zoroaster, who is said to have brought the cypress down to earth from heaven in a silver palanquin.


Air: Nearest airport is at Pune .

Rail: Pune is well connected with all the places by rail.

Road: Pune being a major commercial city of Maharashtra is well connected by road with all the places in Maharashtra and other parts of the country.

Local Transportation: Tourists can easily reach this place by auto-rickshaw.


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