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Location : Malabar Hill, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Dedicated To: Adinath, The First Tirthankara
Built In: 1904

The Jain community built Jain Temple dedicated to Adinath, the first Tirthankara, located on Malabar Hill in 1904. The temple is totally built with marble. This temple is opulent, but poorly maintained.

Inside the temple frescoes depict various events in the lives of the 24 Jain apostles or Tirthankaras. On reaching upstairs there is a black marble shrine beautifully decorated with celestial personifications of the planets, painted onto the ceiling. The temple is usually filled with worshippers, mostly Jain stockbrokers who walk barefoot to the temple every morning, and white-robed monks who have renounced everything save for their begging bowls.


Mumbai being the capital city is well connected by air, rail and road with all the places in the state as well as the country. Tourists can take the city buses from any point of the city and reach this temple.


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