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Location : Pune, Maharashtra,
Presiding Deity: Ganapati (Ganesh)
Established In The Year: 1636 By Shivaji
Speciality: First Ganapati In The Pune City

Kasba Ganapati temple is situated in the heart of the Pune City and is the first Ganapati temple in the city. This Ganapati is Pune's pride and entire Maharashtra's most popular and most respected Ganapati. He is considered as the "Gram Devata" (deity of a city) of Pune.

This Ganesh Mandal was established in 1893. This Ganapati occupies the foremost (1st) position amongst all the Mandals in Pune during procession. It is believed that if one asks something devotedly to this Ganapati sooner or later one will get it.

The Temple And Its Idol

Shivaji established this temple in the year 1636 and the Peshwas further improved it. The eyes of the idol are diamonds studded and a 'Manik', a gem, studded in its navel; the idol has a very unique and pleasing appearance. Enclosed in silver castings, the idol looks very bright and appealing. Though situated in the noisy and crowded area, the temple still gives the disciples solace and quietude.


The day in this temple starts with "Kakad Aarati", a religious recital for waking up the Ganapati around 6.00am, followed by the deity's bath. The deity is bathed in 'Sindoor', a ritualistic bath called the "Abhyanga Snaan" on Sankashti and Angaarki Chaturthis, the two auspicious days of the Hindu calendar. Another Aarati is performed in praise of God and the offerings are given.


Air: Nearest airport is at Pune .

Rail: Pune has got a railway station and it is well connected with all major places in the state as well outside the state.

Road: Pune being a major commercial city of Maharashtra is well connected by road with all the places in Maharashtra and other parts of the country.


Accommodation is available at the hotels at Pune.

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