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Location : Pune, Maharashtra
Abode of: Bhagawan Rajneesh

Osho Ashram is located at 17 Koregoan Park, a green and elite suburb of Pune . This place gained recognition, because of the presence of this ashram. It is now known as the Osho communal centre. Bhagwan Rajneesh is the founder of the ashram. Thousands of visitors are attracted to this ashram. The Ashram offers a variety of expensive courses on meditation.

An Abode Of A Saint

It attracts a number of devotees each year even though Osho expired in 1990. A teacher of Philosophy, he reached enlightenment at the age of 21. Thereafter he travelled extensively giving talks and meeting people. His unique system of dynamic meditation appealed to many since it was in tune with modern life. In the early 70s, his ashram at Pune attracted many visitors from the West.

He has written and spoken extensively on all aspects of spirituality and his books continue to be published to this day. "Do not be bothered too much about facts there are none, all are fictions, godliness has no history and godliness has no biography, godliness only 'is', there is no 'was' and there is no 'will be'. That's why in the East, we have never been bothered by history, we have not written history at all. Instead of history, we have written myths." Rajneesh's mantra was awareness and moment-to-moment realisation.

Ashram Facilites

Facilities that are available in the Ashram are swimming, sauna, tennis, massages, beauty parlour, basketball courts and Bistros. Alongside the Ashram was at one time a dirty canal, it has now been converted into a rock garden known as Osho park. It is spread over 5 hectares. It has a number of schools in it, a school for catering, and an academy for heeling arts, Osho School of mysticism and meditation school. The nearby Nulla Park also called Osho Teerth is a beautifully maintained garden, transformed from a swamp, open for public from 6.00 to 9.00 am and 7.00 to 10.00 pm.


Air: Nearest airport is at Pune .

Rail: Pune is well connected with all the places by rail.

Road: Pune being a major commercial city of Maharashtra is well connected by road with all the places in Maharashtra and other parts of the country.

Local Transportation: Tourists can easily reach this place by auto-rickshaw.


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