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Location : Pune, Maharashtra
Presiding Deity: Lord Shiva

Amidst modern high-rise structures and developments, at Jungli Maharaj Road, housed in caves, one can see this ancient rock cut temple dating back to 8th century. This temple is similar in style to that of temples found in Ellora.

The temple has been carved out of a single boulder of awe-inspiring size, which includes massive pillars. It houses a Shiva shrine, a 'Nandi' (bull) and images of Sita, Rama, Lakshmana, Lakshmi or Laxmi, Ganesha under its roof. More importantly, it's an active temple. In front of the excavation is a circular Nandi Mandapam. Adjacent is the Jangli Maharaj temple, dedicated to a Hindu ascetic who died here in 1818.


Air: Nearest airport is at Pune .

Rail: Pune is well connected with all the places by rail.

Road: Pune being a major commercial city of Maharashtra is well connected by road with all the places in Maharashtra and other parts of the country.

Local Transportation: Tourists can easily reach this place by auto-rickshaw.


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