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Location : 31-km From Vasi, Maharshtra
Presiding Deity: Vajreshwari Devi
Built By: Chimaji Appa

Vajreshwari is a small village about 31-km from Vasai and 85-km from Mumbai City . Vajreshwari is named after the Goddess Vajreshwari whose temple has historical importance. This temple looks like an ancient fort. The idol of the goddess is very impressive and is being worshipped for last few centuries.

The Hot Water Springs

After the Victory of Vasai Fort, Chimaji Appa, the younger brother of Bajirao Peshwa built this Temple besides the Mandakini Mountain, which was formed as a result of a volcanic eruption. That 's the reason why there are number of hot water streams near this place. In fact, some of the hot springs here are hottest in Asia.

There are small Sauna huts called "Kundas" also built over here. These hot water streams attract a large number of visitors because its water is known to have cured a number of skin diseases. There are about 350 such hot water streams in Tejsa, Tansa and Surya Rivers in Vasai Taluka. Ganeshpuri is a place in the neighbourhood of Vajreshwari. The "Guru Ashram" at Ganeshpuri gives it a heaven-like peace. This spot attracts the tourists as it provides a very pleasant and calm atmosphere.


Air: The nearest airport is at Mumbai and the nearest railway station at Thane.

Rail: Tourists can reach this temple easily from Mumbai either by local train up to Bassein or Vasai Road station on the Western Railway and then by auto-rickshaw or taxi.


For accommodation hotels are available at Mumbai and Thane.

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