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Location : Vasai
Flows Continuously: June to October
Height: 100 ft.
Significance: Picnic Spot

The Chinchoti waterfalls located to the east of Vasai are a popular picnic spot for the young crowds from Mumbai City . In the center of the thick forest is this waterfall, which flows continuously from June to October. The waterfall is about 100 ft. high and 20 ft. broad. Tourists visit this place to enjoy the falls. This wonderful waterfall makes a great monsoon getaway. But on weekends it might seem as though the entire population of Mumbai is here.

Nearby Attractions:

Tungareshwar: This plateau is thickly forested and is the highest plateau in this region. This place is great in the monsoons but it is usually over crowded during weekends.

Kamandurg: A dome shaped peak near Tungareshwar


Vasai is located in the suburbs of Mumbai . The nearest railway station is Vasai. From here tourists can catch a bus to Kaman Phata, nearby is the village Chinchoti. Tourists can also hire a taxi from Mumbai.


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