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Location : Mahabaleshwar, Maharshtra
Famous waterfalls: Lingmala Falls, Dhobi Waterfall, And Chinaman's Waterfall Flow Continuously

Mahabaleshwar town has many waterfalls and tourists can have the pleasure of visiting and viewing these places, among which the Lingmala Falls, Dhobi Waterfall, and Chinaman's Waterfall are the famous ones. Most of these waterfalls flow continuously from July to December.

Lingmala Falls

This waterfall is close to Venna Lake, situated on the way to Panchgani. The stream here precipitates over the face of a steep cliff, unbroken during torrential rains, but ordinarily divided by projecting rocks about one third of the way down into thin silver streaks and sprays often encircled by rainbows. The forest of Lingmala is close by.

Dhobi Waterfall

This waterfall is on the bridle path connecting Petit Road with Old Mahabaleshwar Road near Lily Cottage. The fall is insignificant but is situated in a lovely sequestered nook and looking straight at the south side of Elphinston Point.

Chinaman's Waterfall

This waterfall can be reached by the Tiger Path Road or from Babington Point by Carviali Road. It's a pleasant walk in the woods to get here. Formerly, Chinese convicts used to cultivate the adjoining fields; hence the fall is known by this name.


Air: Pune and Mumbai are the nearest airports.

Rail: Pune is the normal departure point for Mahabaleshwar although Satara Rd is the closest convenient railway station. Mahabaleshwar is 120-km from Pune via Panchgani.

Road: Mahabaleshwar is well connected by road with Mumbai, Pune, Satara, Sangli, Kolhapur, Goa, Nasik, etc. There are private taxis and luxury buses available in addition to the Maharashtra State transport semi-luxury, luxury and ordinary buses.


Accommodation is available at the hotels in Mahabaleshwar.

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