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Location: Chandrapur District, Maharashtra
Area: 104.38-sq-km
Attraction: Himalkasa Lok Biradari Project In The Sanctuary Area
Best Time To Visit: February To May

This sanctuary is located in Chandrapur district in the Vidharba region of Maharashtra covering an area of 104.38-sq-km. Majority of the area is under thick forest that is wood land, with small patches of grass lands distributed over the entire protected area. One can even find wetlands in the protected area. Notable among them are Pamalgautam and Parlkota rivers, which runs through the protected area.

One can also find a few places in this sanctuary, which have no plant community associated but act as major shelter area for various wild animals like Cliff, Tallus, Caves and Nala Beds. Best time to visit the sanctuary is between the months of February to May.


The forest in the sanctuary is moist deciduous mixed forest. The evergreen vegetation is found along the perennial 'Nalas' and rivers. The main tree species are Ain, Arjun, Behada, Bija, Bel, Shishamtendu, Hirda, Kusum, Jamun, Mango, Haldu, Kadam and bamboo. Kudgudi, Tarwad, Gokhru, Tarota, Neel & Kuda are aome of the main shrubs found over here. The common grasses are Chir, Mussam, Gawat, Khus and Kusal.


Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary is known for its variety of wild animals. The endangered animals in this area are Leopard, Jungle Fowl, Wild Boar, and Sloth Bear. Tourists can also find other animals like Barking Deer's, Blue Bulls, Hare, Mongoose, Peacock, and Flying Squirrel. Leapord in Bhamragrh Wildlife Sanctuary in Maharashtra


Air: Nearest airport is at Sonegaon Nagpur, 370-km via Chandrapur.

Rail: Nearest railway station is at Ballarpur, 197-km on Delhi Madras main line.

Road: Nearest bus station is Aheri, at 102-km. other stations located near the sanctuary are Ballarpur and Chandrapur, which are at 197-Km and 212-km respectively from this sanctuary. Maharashtra government runs buses daily to this place.


There is no camping facility available inside the sanctuary. However Deputy Conservator of Forest (Wl), Allapalli may make the arrangements on adequate prior intimation in nearby forest rest houses.

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