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Location: Byculla, The Central Side Of Mumbai, Maharashtra
Houses: Many Of The Rare And Endangered Species Of Animals And Birds
Closed On: Wednesdays
Timing: 10:00 am To 5:00 pm

Rani Jijamata Udyan Victoria Gardens, laid out in 1861 houses the Mumbai's Zoo. It houses many of the rare and endangered species of animals and birds.

The gardens are spread over 48 acres in Byculla, on the central side of Mumbai , surrounded by low income housing colonies or 'Chawls'. At the main entrance to the gardens is a clock tower, reminiscent of Italian renaissance, but the clock has stopped ticking a long time ago. The gardens boast of scores of trees, some of which are really old.

Within the gardens is the Albert museum that houses a host of local archaeological finds among which merits a huge stone elephant at the entrance, which was found in 1864 at Gharapuri Island.


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