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Location: Northeastern Part Of Maharashtra
Also Spelt As: Yeotmal
The Name Is Derived From: Yot Lohara

Yavatmal is located in the northeastern part of Maharashtra state. Yavatmal is 500-ft (460m) above sea level, which is also a district administrative centre. It is also spelt "Yeotmal" and lies on major routes to Nagpur, Mumbai and Hyderabad. The surrounding region of Yavatmal presents a contrast between the river valleys in the north and the south and the drier plateau in the centre. The region, as a whole, awaits development.

Yavatmal is one of the smallest districts in the state in respect of the population, and fairly on the high side in respect of the area. Amravati district in the east, Nanded district and Andhra Pradesh State in the south and Akola and Parbhani districts in the west surround it.

The chief rivers of the district are Wardha and Penganga, both of which flow respectively along of the northern and southern boundaries of the district. Each has many small tributaries. The whole district is occupied by small east west range of Ajanta mountains.

According to Ain-I-Akbari, it derived its name from "Yot Lohara". 'Yot' being an Urdu corruption of 'Yavata' the original name of the town and Lohara, the name of another village about 5-km to its west. Subsequent to the merger of the village Lohara in the town, it came to be known as Yeotmal from Yavat the original name of the town.


The district has poor heritage of art, architecture, and archaeology. But there are some beautiful temples and other objects of interest. Some of these are at Wani and Moho village in Darwha Tehsil. The temple of Mahadeo in Moho is very beautiful and a large number of visitors visit this temple on every 'Chaitra Amavasya'.


Peacock in Tipeshwar Bird Sanctuary in MaharashtraTipeshwar Wild Life Sanctuary
Tipeshwar wild life sanctuary is located in Pandarkawada Tehsil of Yavatmal district of Vidarbha region covering an area of 148.63-sq-km. Many villages surround the sanctuary and due to this there is a tremendous pressure on sanctuary resources for timber, firewood, bamboo and MFP collection. The hilly and undulating terrain makes the protection work difficult.

Painganga Sanctuary
The Painganga sanctuary is located in the Umerkhed Tehsil of Yavatmal district. The area is mostly low undulating terrain divided by a wide valley in central region adjoining the district bounded of Nanded and Yavatmal.


Yavatmal is well connected by rail and road with the neighbouring towns and cities of the state


Accommodation options for tourists are available at the various luxurious and budget hotels in Yavatmal.

Fairs And Festivals

Ghanti Baba fair and Shri Ranganathaswami fair are important fairs of Yavatmal.


Population: City 108,578 (1991 Census)
Area: 13582 sq.km
Climate: Tropical
Clothing: Cotton Clothes
STD code: 07232

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