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Location : 16-Km Of The Jowai-Muktapur-Dawki Road, Khasi Hills District
State : Meghalaya
Built By : U Mar Phalyngki And U Luh Lyngskor Lamare
Best Time To Visit : September To May

Located on the 16-km of the Jowai-Muktapur-Dawki Road at a place called Thlumuwi, the stone bridge was built by U Mar Phalyngki and U Luh Lyngskor Lamare under the order of the Jaintia King. Tradition has it that when the Jaintia king shifted the kingdom's summer capital from Sutnga to Nartiang, he required his trusted lieutenants U Mar Phalyngki and U Luh Lyngskor Lamare to cause construction of a bridle-path from Nartiang to Jaintiapur to enable the king and his entourage to frequently commute between Nartiang, the summer capital and Jaintiapur, the regular capital of his kingdom without much inconvenience. The bridle path was constructed and completed with a magnificent stone bridge over the Thlumuwi stream. The bridge was made of immense slabs of stone supported upon huge, tall stone pillars.

Hundreds of years later during the turn of the present century, one of the stone slabs broke when a reckless elephant trader led some elephants, caught in a Kheddah Operation in Jaintia Hills, over the stone bridge instead of causing them to wade through the stream on their way down to Sylhet. The stone bridge with the collapsed and broken segment is still in position. The banks of the Thlumuwi stream with the cascading Muwi waterfall, which overlook the stone bridge presents a memorable scenic panorama to every visitor.

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