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Location : Meghalaya
Monsoon Months : May To September
Best Time To Visit : Round The Year

Khasi Hills Climate
Meghalaya, the land of rain cloudsThe average temperature of Shillong varies between 4°C in December-January and 24°C in May-June months. Shillong's charms are made doubly attractive by its climate on the whole cool and temperate round the year. Cherrapunji is one the places in the world, which receives the highest rainfall, but most of it are in three or four months of the year.

Mainly the climate of the district is mildly tropical in the northern and southern foothills, while in the central upland zone; the climate is temperate and places at medium altitude in the northern, western and southern parts of the district experience sub-tropical climate.

Garo Hills Climate
The West Garo Hills district is mostly hilly with plains fringing the northern, western and the southwestern borders. The most important physiographic feature of the district is the Tura Range, about 50-km long and extends in the east-west direction from Tura to Siju in the South Garo Hills district.

South -West monsoon and seasonal winds, largely controls the climate of the district. The West Garo Hills district being relatively lower in altitude to the rest of Meghalaya, experiences a fairly high temperature for most part of the year. The average rainfall is 330 cms. of which more than two-thirds occur during the monsoon, winter being practically dry. The district have mostly dense tropical mixed forest, and a small patch of temperate forest in the higher parts of the Tura range.

Jaintia Hills District
The South West Monsoon and the North-East Winds directly influence the Jaintia Hills District. The four seasons of Jaintia Hills are: Spring - March and April, Summer (Monsoon) - May to September, Autumn - October and November and Winter - December to February.

During March and April, the atmosphere gradually warms up with the advance of Spring. From the middle of April the temperature starts rising to the maximum in the month of June and then decreases gradually. October and November are the two months when the climate is cool and temperate. After November, the winter season sets in and continues up to the end of February. Rainfall starts by the third week of May and continues right up to the end of September and sometimes well into the middle of October.

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