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Location : 56-km From Shillong, Khasi Hills District, Meghalaya
Famous As : A Picnic Spot
Best Time To Visit : September To May

Thadlaskein Lake, MeghalayaLocated 56-km from Shillong and 8-km from Jowai off NH-44, this captivatingly placid lake is a popular picnic resort. According to tradition, the followers of the Jaintia Chieftain U Sajar Nangli dug the lake. The Chieftain had an irreconcilable difference of opinion with the king of Jaintiapur, the Earstwhile Jaintia Kingdom, which now constitutes the Jaintia District of Bangladesh.

U Sajar Nangli knew that his differences with the king of Jaintia king would inevitably lead to intensive combat causing a bloodbath of their own people and he was loath to be responsible for such a tragedy. He decided to flee from the kingdom with his followers, but before they parted from their beloved motherland, they dug a beautiful lake at Thadlaskein, which is fed by perennial underground springs, as an eternal memorial. The lake is revered by the people of "Raid Mukhla" who continue to offer sacrifice near the lake.

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