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Location : Batow Village, Jaitia Hills District, Meghalaya
Significance : Created By The Famous Jaintia Chieftain u Sajar Nangli.
Best Time To Visit : September To May

Located at Batow Village in Jaintia Hills district, this awe-inspiring lake overlooks the golden yellow plains of Bangladesh. It resembles a gem in perfect sylvan setting. On either side, its banks are adorned by lush green forests, which lend grace and beauty to the crystal clear waters of the Umhang.

Umhang Lake, MeghalayaAccording to tradition, the lake was created by the famed Jaintia Chieftain U Sajar Nangli whose followers had also created the lake of Thadlaskein. It is said that once U Sajar and his followers dined on the spot where Umhang stands today, as wholesome water was available from a small spring well which existed at the site. They were so pleased with the place and the quality of water that they spent several months working at the site, creating a lake which U Sajar Nangli hoped would be the biggest and brightest inland mass of water within the Jaintia Kingdom. Umhang was thus created.

The people of Batw regard Umhang as sanctified and do not permit its use for any other purpose. They offer annual sacrifice on its banks and zealously guard its environs from any ingress.

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