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Location : Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya
Best Time To Visit : Round The Year
Major Means Of Communication : Air, Rail And Road
Nearest Airport : Borjhar 124-km From Shillong

The gently rolling downs of the southern slopes of Jaintia Hills are so beautiful that they can hardly be adequately described. Only those whose visions have been feasted in bewilderment of the uniqueness of the beauty of these areas can fully appreciate their panoramic magnificence. Even the well known English countryside would find it hard to compare itself with the beautiful, dancing valleys, which exist of either side of the River Kwai in Sutnga and Nongkhlieh Elakas of Jaintia Hills district.

This area, better known as Letein Valley can be best seen from the tableland on which Shnongrim village in Nongkhlieh Elaka is located. Shnongrim is easily accessible from Sutnga village, which is 16-km off NH-44 and connected with a good-tarred road. The Letein valley looks like a well watered and well tended, endless golf-course with smooth green turf, bewitching glens and heavenly pleasant dales which disappear into the distant haze of the horizon under a clear and azure sky.

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