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Location : Chandipur, 16-km from Balasore, Orissa
Famous As : Seaside Resort
Excursions : Remuna, Panchaligeswar, Aradi & Chandaneswar

One of the most pristine beaches of Orissa, this small beach is a splendid retreat for sea worshippers, located about 16-km from Berhampur. Once a humming seaport, Gopalpur offers its visitors a slice of serenity in environs that are conducive to introspection and conviviality.

Gopalpur On Sea, Berhampur, OrissaOne can still see the crumbling walls and pillars of the jetty, witness to its past glory of commercial activity. The pleasures of the Blue Beach and the Blue Bay of her backwaters continue to lure the water babies. Gopalpur-on-Sea is a surfer's delight and excellent for sailing.

Discovery of a Holiday Hideout
Originally, a small fishing village on the coast of Orissa, it was so named when a temple dedicated to Lord Krishna was constructed some time in the 18th century. Apart from its temple, Gopalpur was distinguished for its magnificent beach and was discovered as a perfect winter resort.

The East India Company built huge warehouses and godowns because the trade with Burma had picked up and Gopalpur had become a trading point for rice from Rangoon. In those days, there were dances and parties that continued until the early hours and wealthy Bengalis from Calcutta made it their holiday home.

Gopalpur's importance dwindled when trade with Burma abruptly ceased during the war and never revived again. When the British left India, even members of rich Bengali homes preferred to holiday in other places of the country, Gopalpur reverted to what it was originally, a fishing village.

With an increase in tourist trade in the late seventies, and the opening of luxury hotels, a slow revival began and today Gopalpur-On-Sea is one of the foremost beach resorts in India.

This is the one beach that is as yet, not exposed much to tourism and hence still unspoiled. If you are looking for a quiet holiday in the lap of nature, the beach at Gopalpur awaits you. A golden beach fringed by sand dunes and ruins of an old jetty from where, in medieval times, sailors set out to Indonesia, make this an ideal place for a relaxing holiday. A perfect beach, fairly isolated and undisturbed by the day-trippers.

Chilika Lake:
Situated at a distance of 45-km from Gopalpur and spreading over an area of 1,100-sq-km, this is the largest brackish water lake in the country and attracts large number of migratory birds.

As the name suggests, is a hot water sulphur spring situated around 67-km from Gopalpur.

Gopalpur On Sea, OrissaHow To Get There
Situated 180-km away, Bhubaneswar is the nearest airport from where one can take flights for major cities such as Delhi and Calcutta .
The nearest railway station is Berhampur on the Howrah-Chennai line of Southeastern Railway. One can take trains to Calcutta and Chennai from this place.
Gopalpur is connected by motorable road to Barkul (75-km), Berhampur (16-km), Bhubaneshwar (180-km), and Puri (242-km). Auto-rickshaws and cycle-rickshaws are available to move around.

Good accommodation options such as seaside resorts, luxurious hotels, and old bungalows are available at Gopalpur, with good servicing facilities and excellent view of the sea.

The Oberoi Palm Beach, Ganjam
Hotel Mermaid
Song of the Sea Resort

Being a beach resort, Gopalpur has a uniform temperature throughout the year. Temperature in the summer months touches a high of 35°C and a low of 23°C, respectively. Winter months are relatively cold with a maximum and minimum temperature of 27°C and 16°C, respectively. Gopalpur recieves an average annual rainfall of 118.7 cm.

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