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Location : Orissa
Climate : Tropical Climate
Major Factors Affecting The Climate : Southwest Monsoons
Best Time Round The Year : October To March

Orissa is located in a climatic region known as tropical wet-dry or tropical. Temperatures average about 79° F (26°C) at Cuttack; January is the coldest month, averaging 68° F and May is the warmest month with temperature rising upto 92° F.

The higher elevations of the hills provide some relief from the summer heat, which becomes particularly humid in the basins of the Central Tract.

Rainfall is intense in the months of the southwest monsoon, particularly in between the months of June to October. Average annual rainfall in the state is about 70 inches (1,800 millimetres), with even heavier showers in the Eastern Ghats. The coastal area south of Chilika Lake is the driest location, averaging 37 inches.

Mid-March to End of May (Min. 26° C - Max. 33° C)

Late November to Mid-February (Average - 20° C)

June to the End of October (70 inches)

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