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Location : Joranda, Dhenkanal District, Orissa
Also Known As : Mahima Mela
Day & Month According To Lunar Calendar : Magha Purnima Or Magha Shukla Chaturdashi (February)

Popularly known as 'Mahima Mela', it is celebrated at Joranda in Dhenkanal district on 'Magha Purnima' day. People from far and near congregate here and a big fair takes place for three days.

The surging multitude of 'Mahima Sanyasis' worship "Mahima Gosain's Samadhi Pitha" on this occasion. It is during this period that the initiation for promoting "Bairagi" to "Apara Sanyasi" (superior caste of disciples in Mahima Sect) takes place.

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