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Location : Bhubaneswar, Orissa
Presiding Deity : Chamunda Devi
Significance : Belongs to the Later Group temples of Orissa.

Like the 'Brahmesvara' temple, the Chitrakarini temple, with four subsidiary shrines at the corners, is of the 'Panchayatana' (five-shrined) type, the whole group enclosed by a compound-wall. In surface -treatment, however, the 'Deul' approximates more to the Sari group of temples. Built on a low undecorated platform with projections, it is 'Pancha-Ratha' on plan, with a division of the corner 'Ratha' all through.

The Jagmohana & The Duel
The decoration of the roof of the 'Jagamohana' is a departure from the established type; the 'Pidhas' are arranged in two tiers as usual, but on each tier there is a row of replicas of the pyramidal roof, one on each projection.

Two of the friezes, both of them depicted on the lintels of the non-functional banister windows of the 'Jagamohana', deserve special attention; the one on the south side depicts a marriage, probably of Shiva and Parvati, while that on the north shows Krishna playing on his flute amidst his enchanted followers and cattle listening with rapt attention. Of the three overhanging mouldings above the south lintel, the topmost is notable for a procession including riders on camels.

Both the 'Deul' and 'Jagamohana' are marked by an abundance of erotic figures. Within the sanctum is in worship an image of Chamunda Devi.

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